Basement Shower
A Kerdi Shower added to an existing washroom

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Baseboards removed.. let the demo begin Very thick natural slate removed.. then bust up the floor for the shower drain

Centering the new 2" drain.. Drain in and cemented over..

Kerdi waterproof membrane on the walls.. The Kerdi polystyrene shower pan..

Kerdi corners and Kerdi band.. Installing the Kerdi drain..

Kerdi drain is in, now to waterproof the Kerdi pan.. A waterproof Kerdi shower and curb..

A waterproof Kerdi shower and curb.. Porcelain 2x2 mosaics on the shower floor..

Porcelain 12x24 wall tiles with matching 1x1 mosaics.. All tiled..

Grouted.. Trim is in..

Finished with tempered glass.. Finished with tempered glass..

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