Advantages of a Schluter Kerdi Shower 
A traditional dry pack or mud pack shower with a pvc pan liner works - but only if the installer doesn't cut any corners or skip any steps.
When there is problems, the most common fault I find when I tear these out is that the weep holes are blocked - then the concrete shower pan is laying in a pool of water and can only dry up and through the grout instead of draining down through the weep holes below.

Schluter showers, on the other hand are made with inorganic materials, and are waterproofed right below and right behind the tiles, so water drains directly down the Kerdi drain.

This shower was 3 years old, and had everything wrong with it. On top of that, cement board was not used - they used a form of waterproof drywall called Denshield, which just wicked the water up the walls and rotted.

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Before we started.. (Efflorescence) This shower was like a swimming pool below its concrete..

The rotten shower curb.. (screws holes in the liner allows water in) Blocked weep holes.. and a drain flange raised by 1/2 "

Demo'd up to the dry section.. This is what oozes out of concrete when constantly wet..

Replaced the old 1 1/2" drains with all new 2" pipes.. New Hardie Backer all around, plywood added for the height needed..

Curb added with mold resistant blue studs.. Getting ready to install the Schluter shower base with thinset..

Hardie backer over the curb and the Schluter shower base is in! The Kerdi waterproofing begins.. Kerdi outside corners..

Kerdi inside corners.. Kerdi Band in all of the corners..

Kerdi Band in all of the corners.. Kerdi Drain is in, and the shower is now waterproofed..

Ready to tile the base.. Setting the height of the drain flange just before tiling..

Mosaic tiles are in! Curb and tiling all done!

Finished! Finished!

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