Another Bathroom Reno
This one gets a lot of mechanical changes as we are moving the tub location, moving the toilet, adding more sinks and vanities, removing walls, as well as big electrical changes with new circuits for plugs and a heated marble floor, plus LED pot lights!
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At your service.. Before..

Before.. Before..

Before.. Before..

Before.. Demo.. vanity, wall and tub gone..

Demo.. Demo..

Demo..  Demo hammer..

Demo.. capping the old pipes  Demo.. the old bulk head..

The 2nd plywood subfloor.. (very tough demo) The subfloor was glued down and nailed with 3" nails..

Glued and nailed.. (hard on the tools and the back) Where the old wall was..

Triple vanities and double sinks are to be installed.. Plumbing..

Triple vanities and double sinks to be installed.. Plumbing..

Triple vanities and double sinks to be installed.. Insulating under the drains for soundproofing..

Toilet has to be moved.. This is the mess we found from the pot lights below..

Rearranging the copper water supply line.. Rearranging the 3" drain pipe through the joist..

Toilet is moved! .. and the joist beefed up All filled in and toilet flange on..

New location for tub.. This is the mess we found from the kitchen light below..

New drain and P-trap for tub.. New copper supplies, moved the vent, new p-trap

New location for Tub.. Insulated for warmth and sound..

Ready to be installed.. Tub and Grohe shower valve installed..

Grohe shower valve.. Framing to build a skirt..

Installed Hardie backer substrate.. Hardie backer..

All new electrical, pot lights and cabinet lights.. Heating ducts moved..

All new drywall.. Hardie backer where marble shelves will go..

Framed for inset wall shelves.. Boarded..

Corner bead, taping and mudding.. Finished and primed..

Framed for inset mirrored cabinet with light.. Installed cabinet and light inside..

Taping, mudding and patching ceiling.. Patching ceiling..

Ceiling patched and everything all primed.. Ceiling patched and everything all primed..

Floor prep.. getting ready for Ditra, heater cables and marble.. Primer..

Keisel self leveling cement poured.. Self leveling cement has set..

Next is the Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane.. Laying the Ditra..

Ditra is done.. Inserting the 'Nuheat' heated floor cables..

Layout, layout layout.. (planning is important here) Cut and 'dry-fit' all of the tiles..

Laser guided tile setting.. Tile setting..

Tiles are set.. Marble on the tub skirt..

Tiling the marble baseboards.. 3 Vanities..

On to the shower.. Kerdi Band and silicone on the tub lip.. Kerdi Band on all of the seams and lip for waterproofing..

Kerdi membrane to waterproof the niche.. Marble slab to trim the niche..

Niche complete.. Niche complete..

Marble tile and mosaics in the shower.. Marble tile and mosaics in the shower..

Shower tiled and new door finished.. Grouting complete..

Marble floor, threshold and base.. Marble shower and tub skirt..

It's a white bathroom! Grohe fixtures and rainhead..

Finished.. Finished..

Finished.. Feet added..

Kohler sink, Grohe fixtures.. Custom marble countertop and shelf..

Programmable thermostat for in-floor heat.. Shutters, glass shelves and robe hooks..

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