Leaking Shower Repaired with Schluter Kerdi
This shower was leaking into the finished basement and needed a proper fix - without building a whole new shower
The cause - the pvc pan liner was damaged and patched during construction - the patches finally failed!
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Before.. Builder shower was 8 years old and leaking badly Demo just the lower part of the shower..

Peeled off one row of wall tiles and floor tiles.. Demo the sloped dry pack cement shower base..

1st 2 patches discovered in the pan liner.. one was failed 3rd and biggest patch that had failed..

Mould behind the cement board.. Weep holes filled/blocked with drypack - no drainage for wet pan

2" shower flange adapted down to 1 1/2" right at top of flange.. Crumbling and brittle cement board..

Tile shopping .. Kerdi stuff!

PL applied to glue and screw down more plywood.. New plywood and new cement board..

More new cement board.. The Kerdi shower base being cut to size..

Thinset applied to install Kerdi shower base.. Kerdi sloped shower base is in..

The waterproofing begins.. Kerdi inside corners.. Kerdi band - on vertical corners..

Kerdi band - on horizontal corners.. Kerdi membrane - on walls..

Dry fitting the Kerdi drain to the plumbing below.. Setting the Kerdi drain and connecting to the trap below..

Thinset applied to the base and the drain.. Kerdi waterproof membrane installed..

Upper drain flange is in and then dry fitting the mosaic tiles.. 3x3 porcelain mosaics installed..

Floor tiles are done.. Wall tiles..

Grouted.. Siliconed..

All done.. All done..

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