Leaking Rotten Bow Window - Repair/Rebuild 
This window slowly rotted because the caulking around the upper flashing and the lower flashing had failed due to years of neglect.
The project involved rebuilding below the window and recaulking the upper flashing.
A window company was brought in with their metal brake to install new lower flashing

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Leaking flashing at both top and bottom allowed water in.. Strip off the rot..

Install vapour barrier and insulation.. Rebuild framing.. Install vapour barrier and insulation..

Rebuild framing and insulating.. Ready to cover up..

1st layer of plywood.. 1st layer done and spray foamed..

Tarpaper added for the inbetween layer.. Metal flashing to cover bricks.. and caulked

2nd layer of fir plywood and pine trim.. Rebuilding finished.. all new metal flashing to come!

Painted and new flashing.. Painted and new flashing..

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