Recent Bathroom Reno
This bathroom is being completely gutted and completely updated!
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Before.. Before..

Before.. All demo'd except the cement floor base and mesh..

Starting to demo tiles.. Tiles, wallboard and bathtub gone..

Demoing the 3/4" thick cement base.. Almost there..

Old basic shower valve.. New Moentrol 3570 pressure balancing and temperature memory..

New brass tub drains.. Tub is in!

6mil moisture barrier added all around.. Cement board installed and mesh taped..

Seams cemented.. ready to tile Getting tiled with 12x24 porcelain..

Tile and grouting done.. Tile and grouting done..

Reroute vanity plumbing from floor to wall.. All done with shutoffs.. ready for smaller sized vanity

Floor is next.. new plywood subfloor is cut and installed Levelling coat of quickset is applied and feathered..

Tiling has begun.. More tiling..

Floor and baseboard are in.. Floor and baseboard are in..

New shutoff (that actually shuts off) New Kohler toilet..

New Moen trim installed.. New Moen trim installed..

Tub n tiles.. New light fixture..

Lukx vanity with granite top and Grohe fixtures.. Lukx vanity with granite top and Grohe fixtures..

More to come.. More to come..

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