A Customers Worst Nightmare! Be careful Who You Hire!
These poor people hired a self proclaimed "handyman" who talked a real good story... and sounded like he knew what he was doing - but seriously lacked skill and experience!!
(It wasn't me!)
He was instructed to remove their existing backsplash - And this is what he did! - Removed it - Drywall and All!
This is what I saw when I went to quote on the job!

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Imagine what they walked into when they got home!! I'm thinking this was his last day!!

Before.. Before..


So the rebuilding begins..
Clean up the mess, scab in some 2x4s for framing, new drywall, taping, mudding and priming - All before we can begin to tile!

Boarding.. Taping and mudding ..

All primed .. Starting to tile..

Other side .. All repaired.. ready to tile..

Glass and stone mosaics.. Starting to tile..

Tiled but not grouted.. Tiled but not grouted..

Grouted, siliconed and finished.. Grouted, siliconed and finished..

The finished product.. The finished product..

Happy customers! Happy customers!

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